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Ashippun Lions Scholarship Available

The Ashippun Lions proudly announce our 2015 scholarship applications are now available for graduating high school senior or college student that lives in the Town of Ashippun . Deadline is April 30th, 2015.

Criteria for the scholarship includes:

1.  Reside in the Township of Ashippun or be a son/daughter of an Ashippun Lion Member.

2.  Be enrolled full-time in an accredited college or university.  Higher consideration will be given to applicants pursuing an education in the fields of health care (especially in sight and hearing oriented programs) or elementary education.

3.  Have attained a minimum cumulative grade point average of at least 2.5 (C+) on a 4 point scale.

Send an E-mail to to request an application or with any questions.


 Town of Ashippun - Future Land Use Map
Requested Change at the Old Ashippun School Property

Updated 3.29.2015

Notice - A open house will occur at the Town Hall on Wednesday April 1st from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.  The purpose of the open house is for allowing town residents to ask questions regarding a potential land use change at the former Ashippun School Property in an informal manner.   After the open house, at 7:30PM, the planning committee will hold its regular monthly meeting discuss and possibly act on a resolution recommending that the town board proceed with the change to Multi-Family use at the  former Ashippun School Property.

You can view / download documentation regarding this matter with the links below:

Download: Requested Comprehenisive Plan Amendment Notice
Download: Town of Ashippun Public Partipitation Plan

Documentation regarding the draft amendment to the Town of Ashippun Comprehensive Plan:

Download: Amendment request:  Amendment request.pdf
Download: Existing Zoning Map:  Existing Zoning.pdf
Download: Future Land Use Map:  2009 Future Land Use-Ashippun.pdf
Download: Ashippun School Site Map:  Ashippun School site.pdf
Download: Zoning Map:  Zoning Map - Ashippun.pdf
Download: Conceptual Apartment Plan:  Concept Plan.pdf


An Ordinance Establishing Requirement of Emergency Service Signs

Passed by the Town Board 3/12/2015

2015-003 Emergency Service Signs.pdf


Town of Ashippun



Permanent Markings

Franklin Road               -        From Lincoln to O’Neil Rd

Norwegian Road          -        From Hwy “O” to Town Line Rd

Erin Road                      -        Roosevelt to Lincoln Rd

Harding Road               -        Hwy “O” to Hwy “P”

Roosevelt (Lower)        -        Hwy 67 to Hwy “O”


Temporary  Markings

10 March 2015  to  30 April  2015

( End Date is an estimate, depending on the Spring Thaw)


Resthaven  Road -        From Harding to Paine Rd

Taft   Road                    -        Hwy “67” to Hwy “EE”

Lincoln Road                 -        Hwy “P” to Erin  Rd

Ledge Road                   -        Hwy “EE” to Hwy “67”

Roosevelt Road            -        Hwy “P” to Hwy “O”

Lincoln Road                 -        Hwy “67” to Evergreen Rd

Washington Road        -         Hwy “O”  to  Roosevelt Rd

Rolefson Rd                  -         Cavanaugh Ct  to Resthaven

Erin Rd                          -        Lincoln to TownLine Rd

Filmore Rd                    -        Cherry to Resthaven Rd





State law requires the licensing of all dogs more than five (5) months of age.  Fees are due annually before April 1st.  License fees are $10.00 for each neutered male or spayed female and $15.00 for each unneutered male or unsprayed female.  A late fee of $5.00 will be charged when a license is not obtained by April 1st or within 30 days of acquiring ownership of a licensable dog or if owner fails to obtain a license on or before the dog reaches licensable age.





Implements of Husbandry - Protecting Town Roads

Important information for our Farmers
NEWLY PASSED! Town ordinance 2014-004
Wisconsin Towns Association Article Explaining IoH
Information Chart from Wisconsin Statutes

Call a Town Board Member if you Have Questions!!





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Chairman Steve Panozzo
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Mobile Phone: 262-443-1181

Supervisor James Meyer
Mobile Phone: 414-491-0104

Supervisor Bill Bremmer
Phone: 920-474-7309

Supervisor Norm Greeb
Phone:  414-588-7347

Supervisor Ryan Jacobs
Phone: 262-510-9048


Clerk's Office Hours
Tuesday 8-4
Wednesday 12-6
Friday 8-12

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